EPZ: Substantial tax benefits and wide range of park services allow quick ramp up and international competitiveness

Kenya Leather Park

Financial Benefits

  • 10-year corporate tax holiday (25% tax rate after 10 years)
  • 10 years withholding tax holiday on remittances to nonresidents
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • Import duty and VAT exemption on raw materials, machinery, and other business inputs
  • 100% investment deduction over 20 years for building and machinery
  • 20% Domestic sales allowance
  • Leather footwear from EPZs can access domestic (Kenya) duty and VAT free.
  • * The EPZ License benefit also applies to the service license but excluding restriction on access to domestic market
  • **None of the financial benefits apply to the non-EPZ model
  • *** Non-EPZ has 100% access to local and regional markets (EAC and COMESA)
Kenya Leather Park

Business Services

  • Full operation under one single license, issued by EPZA
  • Project approval and licensing within 30 days
  • Foreign currency accounts and offshore borrowing allowed – no exchange controls
  • Unrestricted investment by foreigners
  • One-stop shop service for facilitation and after-care
  • On-site customs documentation
Kenya Leather Park

Basic Infrastructure Services

  • Ready-made buildings
  • Factory buildingse (In progress)
  • Office premisese (In progress)
  • Readily available services
  • Water, sewage, and electricity supply
  • Landscaping, garbage disposal, street cleaning
  • High security standards
  • Illuminated perimeter fence
  • 24 hours security