Physical Characteristics of the Park

  1. High-tech shared effluent treatment plant
  2. Adequate water supplied to the park
  3. Easy connection of transport to trunk route to the port
  4. Industrial facilities for tanneries and manufacturers of leather goods
  5. Showroom facilities for finished products
  6. Integrated amenities - residential complex, schools. Training centre. Health facilities etc.

Eligible Activities

The park will provide the following licenses:
  1. Manufacturing:
    • Leather (Tanneries producing from Wet Blue to Finished Leather);
    • Shoe Manufacturers;
    • Garment Manufacturers;
    • Leather Artifacts and Goods Manufacturers; Leather
    • Upholstery and Leather Furniture Manufacturers;
    • Tanning Chemical Manufacturers;
    • Glue, Gelatin and By Product Manufacturers; etc;
  2. Commercial:
    • Import and Export Traders;
    • Repacking;
    • Relabeling;
    • Bulk-breaking;
    • Consolidation;
  3. Service:
    • Real Estate Developers;
    • Zone Infrastructure and Utilities Developers/Service Providers;
    • Export focused ICT, BPO and ITES;
    • Export Professional Services;
    • Export Warehousing and Logistics;
    • Export Business Support Services;
    • Import Brokerage firms;
  4. General Business:
    • Utilities;
    • Office Bureaus;
    • Professional Services;
    • Non-EPZ Warehousing and Logistics for Operators;
    • Business Support Services;
    • Domestic Brokerage firms;
    • Catering and Hospitality;
    • Fuel Service Station;
    • Insurance Brokerage;
    • Sports Club, Gym and Health Spas;
    • Hospital and Medical Services;
    • Banking and Financial Services;
    • Couriers